USB Pendant Interface for Mach 3 Software


This interface is designed specifically for Mach3 CNC control. It is needed if at a later date you wish to purchase the CNC Pendant (otherwise purchase the Parallel Port to USB Interface for Mach 3 Software)
If you have purchased a Taig CNC Mill with Mach3 CNC software, this device should be purchased as a matter of course for 3 reasons.

  • The Mach3 software performs better through the USB port rather than through the supplied parallel port.
  • The USB CNC Interface allows data transfer speeds of up to 4 million steps per second, where as the parallel port is slow in comparison. The new servo motors require the higher speed to function at their best.
  • Your latest PC may not have a parallel port available, but should have many USB ports.

It comes packaged in an aluminium enclosure with DB25 ports ready and safe for you to attach to your machine. Not only does this unit give you a high speed port to your existing Breakout Board, it also gives you a second port which can be configured for extra axes (up to 6 axes total), inputs, outputs, OEM triggers or even Safety switch circuits, something that was hard to achieve on a single port computer.

It is powered directly from the USB port itself, so there are no extra power supplies required.

Installation is quite simple and straight forward, just plug it into the USB port and the computer will recognise it and ask for the drivers (which are supplied via the link below).

Once the USB drivers are installed, insert the supplied plugin into Mach3 and you are ready. Just as it physically has 2 DB25 ports, in Mach3 you use the 2 ports in the setup just as if you had a computer with 2 ports, each input and output can be configured just as if they were standard printer ports.

NB: Due to possible differences in ground potentials, this unit should not be used where the controller is some distance from the computer. Always ensure the computer and CNC Controller are earthed to the same ground point and a good quality USB cable is used.

The Windows drivers for this hardware can be downloaded here: USB Mach3 Drivers. Be sure to save the file on your local hard drive and extract the zip file by WinZip or an equivalent program.

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