Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does it cost to ship to ....?
The cost of shipping is calculated during the check out process based on your postcode (if in Australia) or your country (if outside Australia) and the weight and size of the item(s). Please add the items you are considering buying to your shopping cart, and make your way through the checkout process. At Step 1 of 3, you will see a list of shipping options with suitable costs. This provides the cost of shipping you will pay to ship the goods you have selected. You haven't purchased the goods until you have confirmed the order (and that's after you have entered payment instructions) so there's no risk of determining the shipping costs this way.

Q2. Do you ship to countries outside of Australia?
Yes, so long as you don't have a local Taig distributor. Taig Australia is the official agent for Australia and New Zealand, and happy to service customers in the AsiaPac region and beyond. Please do not be offended if we request internationally recognised personal identification (passport, drivers licence) if you are located outside Australia and New Zealand to ensure the goods are being sent to a legitimate customer.

Q3. What currency are the prices?
All the prices listed are in Australian dollars. Please note that the prices do not include GST as the Australian Taxation Office has ruled that Taig Australia is exempt from charging and collecting GST.

Q4. Can I pay for goods using Lay Buy?

Yes, we offer a multiple payment plan that works just like lay buy. Place the required items in your cart and during Checkout (Step 2 of 3 - Payment Information) select "Direct Bank Deposit" or "Credit Card" or "Cheque" and in "Special Instructions" please state your requirement for Lay Buy and suggest the number of payments (between 3 to 6) and period (weekly or monthly). When it's time to make a payment, we will write to remind you. (If payment is by credit card, we will write to obtain authorisation. A minimum of $200 is required for each cc payment) The goods will be shipped once the final payment has been made.

Q5. How can I pay for the goods by Direct Deposit or Electronic Funds Transfer?
During the checkout process, select "Direct Bank Deposit" and once the order has been placed, you should receive an email that provides the bank details to transfer the funds to. Be sure to include the Invoice Number (which is also found in the same email) when you transfer the funds. The goods will be shipped once the funds have cleared.

Q6. Which method of payment is the fastest way to receive my goods?
A successful payment by Paypal allows the speediest method for dispatch of goods. Credit card payment is the next fastest. The slowest method is via a cheque in the mail, but shipping occurs immediately the funds have been cleared.

Q7. Can I arrange to pick up my order?
Taig Australia does not have a "bricks and mortar" store and ships directly to you via Australia Post or specialty courier for heavier orders. Therefore there is no opportunity to pick your order from a particular location.

Q8. How can I keep my credit card details secure?
Taig Australia employs the highest internet encryption security on this website to ensure when you enter your credit card details (as well as other personal details, such as address) the data is safe. Once the order has been processed, the details are deleted so there is no record of the number except for the last 4 digits of the card. Under no circumstances should you send credit card details by email because this is the equivalent of publishing the details on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Q9. Where can I see the products I want to buy?
Taig Australia does not have a show room to demonstrate the products sold on the web site. Hopefully there is sufficient information and photographs that provide some detail to assist in your decision. Please contact us if you need further information. There are a number of video clips that can be searched via www.google.com or www.youtube.com that show these products in use. Finally, may we suggest you purchase the Taig Micro Lathe Basic Operations DVD which shows the capability of this machine.

Q10. I don't have a Taig machine, but will the <insert name of accessory here> fit my lathe or mill
Accessories designed and manufactured for the Taig machines have not been designed to be used on any other brand of machine. This is not to say that they won't fit, but Taig Australia is unable to advise on this, as we only have access to Taig machines.

Q11. If an item is on back order, will I be charged for the extra freight of a second shipment?
On those rare occasions that an item is on back order, the goods that are in stock will be shipped immediately and the full freight charge is made. Once the item(s) is back in stock, the order is completed and shipped without any further charges made.

Q12. Why is my tax invoice from a business called “QA Pharmaceutical Services”?
QA Pharmaceutical Services was a business that started in 1990 providing a quality service to the pharmaceutical industry. It is registered with an ABN, has bank facilities, credit card processing and Paypal account. To keep start up, running costs and overheads down for Taig Australia, it was decided to utilise the existing business infrastructure in QAPS, rather than duplicating it. Therefore, if you pay by credit card, you are likely to see a transaction on your statement associated with QA Pharmaceutical Services as well as in the header of the tax invoice that comes with the goods.

Q13. What are your store hours?
The great thing about our online store is it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, there are times when our hosting service provider does maintenance work on their servers, which might prevent the web store to be found online. Unfortunately when this happens, it prevents us from providing any notification to our customers. These occasions are few and far between, but please be patient and return in a few hours. Also, be aware that during the festive season in December and for many weeks in January of each year, annual leave of our team members can impact the speed of answering emails and even processing orders. Notifications are normally provided on the web store front during this time.

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